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Adriano Ieva: Green Finance

The "Democracy, Sustainability and Corporations" conference was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on February 21st, 2023, as part of the "Global Conference on internet democracy." A Citizens’ Platform on Climate Change and a Sustainable World event co-organised with The Map Report, the aim was to discuss the real needs for efficient and effective development of corporate sustainability.

Adriano Ieva, European Head of Sales at RBS/NatWest Bank Markets, explains the sustainability issue and how it is a wider problem than we think. In fact, sustainable financing still seems to be a wishful thinking: many banks are part of the Glasgow financial alliance for net zero. He claims that it’s the regulator that, in the UK and in Europe, decides if corporates and banks are allowed to lend money to corporations and other entities or not. Every decision is based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) KPIs. However, since there are many regulators in the world it is difficult to find a common path to follow.


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