Choir Rehearsal

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We are finally here!

A few months ago, we wrote on our website that we’d be with you soon. It’s said that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and this certainly rings true in light of the devastating pandemic that left the entire world blindsided, forcing us all into lockdown. Like many around the world, we had to come to terms with the idea that we would have to adapt in this new era. For us, this meant delaying our launch and rethinking our approach.

Even though the platform, both web and app, is still in development, we couldn’t wait to join the community we want to live and grow with. The pandemic is a wake-up call that we shouldn’t go back to the status quo. Things must change radically if we are to avoid such pandemics and other catastrophes in the future. We will be part of the growing community that is pushing for this change.

Our vision for this platform is driven by our desire to look to the future and the sustainable world we want to build. The platform is comprised of four elements. First, we will obtain and share accurate and verified information from the scientific community to become a point of reference on climate change. Second, we will report on best practices and innovative solutions already being enacted at the local level around the world to address climate change. Third, we will engage in constructive debates and discussions- bringing together scientists, academics, decision makers and influencers from both the private and public sectors—to find tangible and realistic solutions for integrating environmentally sustainable and climate-adaptive practices into diverse sectors. Lastly, we will utilize social media as an awareness-raising tool to show how each one of us can incorporate sustainable practices in our daily life.

You could call this Version 1, a beta test, but also a chance for you to share in our development in real time. We have produced written and audio-visual content to start testing our medium, share accurate and dependable data, and open a dialogue with you.

We started our initial run where we believe there is great potential, covering stories from the perspective of the younger generation. Most of what you can sample was produced with a group of 28 students in the Masters in Communication for International Relations Program of IULM University in Milan, Italy. They interviewed experts and representatives of different sectors, as well as young climate activists for these segments. We look for fresh and diverse approaches and, critically, easier and more reliable access to local voices. Other content came out of the brainstorming sessions we had with our partners in the scientific, academic and cultural communities. At its core, CitiPlat is a growing network of diverse voices from different backgrounds coming together because of a shared goal, empowering ourselves with truth, verified data and information, and sharing our collective knowledge to mobilize action on climate change and create new approaches to reduce, reuse, and live together.

We are here to share, listen, and learn, and we look forward to interacting with you in shaping our future together.

The CitiPlat team