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Guilherme Canela De Souza Godoi: Saving Democracy and Saving the Planet

The "Democracy, Sustainability and Corporations" conference was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on February 21st as part of the "Internet for trust" conference. A Citizens’ Platform on Climate Change and a Sustainable World event co-organised with The Map Report, the aim was to discuss the real needs for efficient and effective development of corporate sustainability.

Guilherme Canela de Souza Godoi, UNESCO's Head of the Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists Sector, declared that the event covered two of the greatest challenges of this century: saving democracy and saving the planet. Disinformation about climate change is one of the reasons why we are not advanced in fostering the production of relevant policies for democracies and the environment. Plus, he talked about the three Vs: volume, velocity and virality of these processes. To solve the problem of disinformation we need regulations.


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