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Pier Luigi Sacco: Digital Cultural Environment

The "Democracy, Sustainability and Corporations" conference was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on February 21st, 2023, as part of the "Global Conference on internet democracy." A Citizens’ Platform on Climate Change and a Sustainable World event co-organised with The Map Report, the aim was to discuss the real needs for efficient and effective development of corporate sustainability.

Pier Luigi Sacco, Professor at University of Pescara and Senior Researcher at Harvard University, focused on how computational social science could be extremely useful to help us understand the link between misinformation and climate change. Together with his team, he analyzed 200 million Tweets telling the story of denialism, vaccines, and disinformation posted at the beginning of the pandemic. Conspiracy theories and more in general manipulated information affect many topics such as the climate change crisis, the Covid 19 pandemic, vaccination, and politics in general. In fact, the development of critical tools is important to fight misinformation and all types of greenwashing. As a society, we based our progress on cumulative knowledge which deals with the gradual development of knowledge and skills that prove over time. But the moment in which we start doubting this concept we are destroying our capacity to build essential survival tools.


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