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Ugo Di Tullio: Cinema and Sustainability

The "Democracy, Sustainability and Corporations" conference was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on February 21st, 2023, as part of the "Global Conference on internet democracy." The aim was to discuss the real needs for efficient and effective development of corporate sustainability.

Ugo di Tullio, president of Metamovie explains why sustainability is important for the motion picture industry. He is building a meta universe that will represent the “Athene of Cinema” where everyone is welcomed. Being in Paris, the city where it all begun, he talks about the “democracy of the industry”. This phenomenon is the result of the digitalization and of the fact that everyone can be a video producer using the latest technology. Nowadays, it is easier to record high-quality contents with a cellphone and anybody can be classified as a director or a photography expert. On the bright side, the more people use digital devices the less filmstrip will be needed, reducing pollution. In this perspective, the metaverse, with its NFTs and its blockchain, is an opportunity to expand rights, especially where they are compressed, but it can also be a bad game in the hands of a few.


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